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your ig rocks



i only see 2 feet ha ha HahAHA

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Anonymous asked:

Would you go to college afterwards? You have to apply first then defer if you wanna take a year off

Well I definitely want to get educated I’m just not sure what I want to study or when it’ll be. I’m also considering going to the IDF post gap year, pre college so… that’s not true.

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Wait that's so cool what are you doing for your gap year?

I’m looking at different programs based in Israel that travel around Europe. If not then maybe I’ll take art classes there or do some kind of community service. 

Anonymous asked:

why are you taking a gap year?

ahh this is kinda a loaded question… im considering a lot of different things and i just dont wanna jump into anything im not set on (especially if it’s $50,000 a year!)

i dont know how to pretend i care about meaningless shit when your whole world is falling apart

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